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Water purification technology developed for India basis water test done for over 7000 pin codes in India.

TDS (mg/L)

< 480

480 - 960

960 - 1920

> 1920

Water conditions across India are not the same. Water quality changes, so does the TDS level, the quantity of new age contaminants like pesticides, and heavy metals like arsenic, lead and much more.

We are the only water purifier brand in India to invest in research & development on varying water conditions in over 7000 pin codes. Basis which we have developed 21 water purification technologies to combat the different water conditions.

We take pride in developing innovative technologies like Biotron™, Active Copper Maxx™ and Mineral Guard™ to help India drinking not just pure, but healthy water.

India’s only water purifier with

Anyone can recommend a water purifier. It takes an expert to prescribe the right one.

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Your drinking water comes from diverse sources

TDS: Up to 2000 mg/litre


Choice of optimum purification technology, based on input TDS, for changing water conditions.

TDS: Up to 200 mg/litre


The Unique e-boiling technology ensures that every drop of water is as pure and safe as water that has been boiled for over 20 minutes. It eliminates all diseases causing bacteria viruses, protozoa-cysts and delivers healthy water.

TDS: 200-2,000 mg/litre


RO removes excess TDS and makes water tasty and healthy with optimal minerals.

We will prescribe you a technology as per the input water’s TDS level

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The Dr.Aquaguard Advantage

Trust of over 15 milion mothers*

Owned by over 1.62 lakh doctors

Service within 5 km range of wherever you are

Over 21 different technologies to address 21 different water conditions across the country

Tested/certified by over 135 leading national and international laboratories

Endorsed by the Indian Medical Academy

* As per Superbrands and Readers Digest

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Your health matters to us

Dr.Aquaguard water purifiers come with electronically authenticated cartridges that deliver healthy or no water.

Intelligent Purity system ensures the delivery of safe water or no water, it continuously senses the UV rays fall on the sensor and stops the function if the UV fails.

We use food grade, non-toxic and engineering-grade plastics and manufactured in ISO 9001 and 14001 certified manufacturing facilities.

Trusted by over 10 million families

Certified by 130 Labs

Owned by 1.62 lakhs doctors

awards and recognition

Only SUPERBRAND Water Purifier

Endorsed by the
Indian Medical Academy

Golden Peacock Award Winner

UNESCO Water Digest Awards

Red Dot Design Award Winner

A’ Design - Iron Award

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