Eureka Forbes Dr.Aquaguard Geneus+ RO+UV+UF Water Purifier Features, Technology & User Reviews

Dr. Aquaguard Geneus+

Dr. Aquaguard Geneus+ is a Universal water purifier which is equipped with RO+ UV+ UF technology. It automatically identifies the source of water (municipal, borewell or tanker) and accordingly chooses the correct purification technology to give you water which is not only free from physical, chemical & microbiological contaminants but also has the right TDS balance. Its unique Auto Mineral Modulator allows you to set the taste of water as per your preference. The advanced Mineral Cartridge™ and Biotron Cartridge™ ensures that the essential minerals necessary for your family's health are retained giving you not just shudh, healthy water.

MRP Rs. 22,990/-
  • Recommended for
  • Water from many sources – municipal, borewells, tankers.

  • Biotron
  • It magnetizes water and de-clusters water molecules to make the water more "bio-available" by unlocking the nutrients in water, promising you the healthiest water.

  • Mineral Cartridge
  • Enhances the taste of the water by removing residual dissolved harmful gases like VOCs and increases the level of Calcium and Magnesium minerals inthe water and balances pH of the water making it healthy.

  • Auto Mineral Modulator
  • A technology unique to Geneus +, allowing you to choose the taste of water while maintaining a healthy balance of natural minerals.

  • G-Tech
  • Senses the quality of water and chooses the optimum purification technology RO+UV/UV+UF to purify water.

  • The advanced brain of Geneus + is designed to give you a warning when the purification system requires maintenance or the cartridges need to be replaced .

  • Reserve Mode
  • You now have the power to extend the service life of purification cartridges of your Dr. Aquaguard Geneus + by an additional 20 hours, by just the press of a switch.

  • RO technology
  • Unique RO technology membrane removes excess TDS, blocks dissolved impurities and chemical contaminants, while retaining essential minerals in the drinking water.

  • Intelligence e- Boiling
  • Ensures that every drop of water is as pure and safe as water that has been boiled for over 20 minutes.

  • Health in each drop
  • It not only provides you great tasting water but also helps improve bodily functions and comfort levels.

  • UF+ technology
  • Equipped with revolutionary UF technology (a capillary tube based technology) that gives you pure and crystal clear water.

  • Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer
  • Prevents the accumulation of dissolved salts like Calcium and magnesium on the membrane. This enhances the service life of the membrane and improves water flow.

  • LED display
  • Helps to get the desired taste, informs the water level in the tank, filter life status and fault indicator.

  • Water Level Sensor
  • Indicates the level of purified water in your tank and makes sure that you always have safe drinking water available, all the time.

    Purifying Technology Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Violet (UV) & Ultra Filtration (UF)
    Applicable TDS Range in Input Water 1 - 2000 mg/litre
    Recommended for Universal
    Filtration / Purification Modules

    (Click on modules to know more)

    HD Filter Cartridge ?, Hybrid Carbon Chemi Block Cartridge ?, EMLE ?, Reverse Osmosis Membrane ?, UF Cartridge ?, Ultra Violet Treatment ?, Mineral Cartridge ?, Biotron Cartridge ?
    Installation Type Table Top, Wall Mounting
    Purified Water Flow Rate* 15 litre/hour
    Storage Tank 7 Litres
    TDS Reduction 90% (approx) in RO Mode
    % Water Recovery 25% (approx) in RO Mode
    Dimensions (W X D X H) in mm 367 x 314 x 567
    Net weight 11.8 Kg
    Operating/Input Voltage 230V AC/50Hz
    Power Rating/Consumption 45 Watts
    Ultraviolet Lamp 11 Watts
    See more Technical Specifications

    Note: Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

    * Flow rate depends on the input water pressure and condition of the filters.

    *If the water pressure you receive is higher than the maximum specified, the use of a pressure reducing valve is recommended. The above accessory is available with our company at an additional cost.

    *If the water pressure you receive is lower than the minimum specified, the use of an external pump attachment is recommended. The above accessory is available with our company at an additional cost.

    Purification Process

    This is not the actual water flow diagram. For Water Flow diagram please click here

    What is Reverse Osmosis?

    Reverse Osmosis is the reversal of the natural flow of Osmosis. In water Purification system, Reverse Osmosis is used to separate the salts and other heavy metals from water.

    RO (Reverse Osmosis)

    In hard water, there exists problem of excess Total Dissolved Salts (TDS), in addition to physical, chemical and microbiological contaminants. These dissolved salts are found in exceedingly high levels than permissible drinking water limits, which is 500mg per litre. The TDS contents vary from calcium, magnesium, arsenic, iron, mercury, lead, fluoride and nitrates, whose excess can lead to harmful impacts and ailments to various body functions and parts.

    To effectively reduce the hardness/TDS from water supplied in your locality, the technology that would suit you best is RO. Here’s what it does to your water to make it potable:It reduces the high levels of TDS to the permissible drinking water limits.It makes water free from physical, chemical and disease causing microbial contaminants.And it improves the taste of water making it sweet.

    The RO technology uses Reverse Osmosis for water purification, where in water is passed at a high pressure through a thin film composite membrane which reduces the dissolved salts and removes chemical and biological impurities. It also removes all disease-causing micro-organisms and gives you pure and sweet tasting water, so that you and your family stay healthy.

    How does RO technology work?

    ** This video is for representation purposes to explain the working of UV purification process. Individual products may have different purification stages.

    UV Technology

    This technology uses ultra violet rays to boil and purify the water. The water thus derived is safe and made free from all disease-causing micro organisms. The water treated by UV technology has all the benefits of boiling water for 20 minutes in less than a minute. Moreover it also rules out the possibility of recontamination, which always exists while cooling and handling, when boiling water manually.

    UV technology treats water in 3 stages.First being filtration of suspended particles like dust, rust and mud up to 5 microns.In the next stage the technology enables itself to absorb organic impurities, foul smell & taste, lead, pesticides and VOCs.

    Later in the third and final stage, the ultra violet rays deactivate bacteria, virus, protozoa including cyst and other disease-causing micro-organisms.The entire purification process is natural and free from chemicals and also retains the natural taste of water and all essential minerals required, making the water consumable.

    How does UV technology work?

    ** This video is for representation purposes to explain the working of UV purification process. Individual products may have different purification stages.

    How is drinking water unsafe?+

    Most waterborne diseases are caused by the presence of bacteria and virus in water.

    • Bacteria Causes: gastro-enteritis, typhoid, cholera, paratyphoid, dysentery and diarrhoea.
    • Virus Causes: polio, dysentery, gastro-enteritis, and diarrhoea.

    In addition, worm infestations are commonly caused through contaminated water.

    Has the quality of water changed over the years? What are new age contaminants?+

    Most waterborne diseases are caused by the presence of bacteria and virus in water.

    The water quality in our country has changed over the past couple of years because of rapid urbanization and unchecked industrialization.

    Why is it said that boiling water is not enough to purify it?+

    Boiling water only helps you remove the physical impurities that are present in water. That too, only if you boil the water for 20 minutes or more. It doesn’t tackle the chemical impurities that are present. On the contrary boiling water has shown to increase the chemical impurities that are present in water like nitrates and pesticides. It also removes dissolved oxygen from water which your body needs to aid digestion.

    How do I know which water purifier I need for my office/home?+

    Before you buy a purifier you need to get your water tested to find out what water condition you are faced with. Once you get the results you can pick a purifier that is equipped with the right technology to treat your water.

    During monsoon season, the outbreak of water borne diseases is very common, why?+

    During the rains, sewage water mixes with drinking water sources and the distribution systems. It contaminates the water with pathogens that cause water borne disease like cholera, typhoid, paratyphoid, jaundice, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, dysentery etc.

    During monsoon season, corporation water is slightly coloured and smells of Chlorine. Why?+

    During rainy season, the run-off rainwater washes off land pollutants along with eroded top soil, sewage, industrial and agricultural wastes and sediments to the river stream. These contaminants increase the bacterial load in water.

    If you use treated corporation water supplied by government authority, do you still need an Dr. Aquaguard?+

    The corporation water is not purified, but only treated. In most of the cases, water is treated or chlorinated using bleaching powder. Chlorination does not completely remove the impurities from water. Besides, chlorination itself contributes to making the water less potable, which means the water that reaches your kitchen, is loaded with impurities.

    Is it true that Dr. Aquaguard removes the essential minerals in water?+

    Absolutely not! Dr. Aquaguard will not reduce essential minerals from water. The specially designed Mineral Guard Technology produces electronic impulses which prevents scaling on the quartz glazz tube of the UV chamber and aids to retain the essential minerals in water.

    Do you need to boil or filter purified water again?+

    Of course not! A complete purification system is one which gives you pure and safe water. Just fill your glass and drink! Also boiling purified water will not only alter the taste of the water but also remove essential minerals and nutrients.

    How can I be sure that the water from my Dr. Aquaguard is safe?+

    We have strict quality norms at our manufacturing facilities, in fact our products are also tested at 135 reputed Indian and International Labs. Further, we offer water testing at our Water Labs (major cities) where we collect your water sample and test it at a very nominal charge.

    How long can the Dr. Aquaguard purified water be stored?+

    Dr. Aquaguard water should be stored in a cool and clean place, preferably in steel or glass containers. Avoid matkas or storage filters as they tend to breed microorganisms. For hygienic reasons, it is preferable to replace the stored water after two days.

    What is the power consumption of Dr. Aquaguard water purifiers?+

    The consumption of electricity in water purifiers is negligible compared to other electric equipments in your house. Dr. Aquaguard has a power consumption of 25 watts. It consumes 1 unit current in 40 hours, in which it can purify 4800 L of drinking water. On an average, we use 15 L of purified water per day in a house. According to this calculation, a household normally requires 7300 litres of water per year. So the electric consumption will be approximately 1.52 units per year. (Power consumption may vary slightly for different models)

    Do you have any water testing facility of your own to test the water? What is the charge?+

    Yes, we do have a water testing facility of our own in major cities called Aquachek water testing facility. We do the complete chemical and bacterial test at a nominal fee.

    How will I ensure there is service backup for Dr. Aquaguard? Do you have any dedicated service helpline?+

    We have over 1100 service centers in all major cities in India with more than 5000 trained service technicians. Ours is the largest after sales network in India. We have a dedicated service helpline which is active 24X7. The help line number is 3988 3333.

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    Displaying reviews -

    Suchit K
    17 Jul 2016

    Bought this water purifier after comparing all products online. Got sold on the RO+UV+UF feature. Wanted to check the product hands on before buying hence registered for a free demo. The team came home along with the demo pack and showed how it functioned. With so many water borne diseases coming up thought this would be the best bet.

    The product is upto mark and better than the rest available in the market.

    14 Jun 2016

    A bit on the expensive side but good investment in the long run.

    17 May 2016

    Sits neatly across any flat surface. Sleek compact and awesome to look at. One of the best in the market.

    3 Mar 2016

    Will recommend to my friends and neighbours.

    28 Feb 2016

    Good product.

    19 Jan 2016

    Best premium water purifier.

    11 Dec 2015

    Filters water from different sources and preserve quality without any odour or aftertaste. One of the few good ones available in the market with all 3 technologies.

    8 Dec 2015

    Top notch product from Eureka Forbes.

    12 Nov 2015

    A bit on the expensive side but you will know why once you buy it. Quality comes at a price.

    18 Oct 2015

    Awesome product.

    28 Oct 2015

    Dispenses water without electricity too.

    9 Oct 2015

    Ensures that every drop of water is as pure and safe as water that has been boiled for over 20 minutes.

    3 Oct 2015

    Best purifier in the price range. Comes with Eureka Forbes product warranty. Was an obvious choice as they have been the leaders in market for years.

    17 Sep 2015

    High quality product. Best in class.

    13 Sep 2015

    Needed a compact purifier that would fit well in my kitchen. Since the Geneus had all 3 – UV, RO, UF technologies, felt this one was the best. Easy to operate and works well.

    03 Sep 2015

    Best product by Eureka Forbes.

    17 Aug 2015

    DrAquaguard Geneus is the best purifier I have bought till date.

    13 Aug 2015

    Costly but went ahead since it had the best water purification technologies available in the market.

    22 Jul 2015

    Great product. Facing no issues.

    3 Jul 2015

    Have been using the product for over 5 months now. Here are my views on it:

    1. Yes it is expensive

    2. But it is portable

    3. Has best water purification technologies

    4. Automatic sensors

    Worth a buy. Good investment for the long run.

    23 May 2015

    Nice product.

    Shekhar S
    17 May 2015

    Have 4 units installed at my office. We had ordered one earlier but seeing the hassle free functioning got 3 more for the entire staff. Satisfied with the product.

    8 May 2015

    Have the same one at home. Purchased after demo from Aquaguard person. Almost 1 year and still functioning good. Price is a bit high.

    19 Apr 2015

    Using directly with municipal water supply. Filter is good. Water is tasteless and without odour. Product is good, go ahead buy it.

    25 Mar 2015

    Good product.