How Safe Is Your Drinking Water?

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The source of all forms of life on earth, water has had mankind explore other planets in the Solar System in the hope of a sustainable future. We need water for anything and everything we do in our lives with one of the most essential variants being drinking water


More than 50% of our body weight can be attributed to water. 1 Drinking enough water would help maintain a normal body temperature, keep our joints greased, and, get rid of all waste in the form of urination, sweat and bowel movements. Not to forget, during scorching summers, it would prevent dehydration, muscle weakness, exhaustion and heat stroke.

Fine! You are savvy enough to keep yourself hydrated during the day. But, have you ever wondered how safe your water is?

Water can get contaminated very easily. Micro-organisms like bacteria and parasites, that make their way to water from faecal wastes, can pollute it. Industrial wastes are largely responsible for contaminating water with their harmful chemicals. Also, most fertilizers contain nitrate and render water absolutely unfit for drinking. To add to these, certain minerals like lead and mercury can adulterate water. Such minerals are either present underground or find its way into the soil because of improper disposal.

Contaminated water is harmful for one and all but for some it is exceptionally unsafe. For example, patients undergoing chemotherapy, transplants, pregnant women, children and infants, fall prey to the extreme effects of water contamination easily. Also, there are reports of widespread adulteration in bottled water as well.


Is tap water safe for drinking? Do we even know where the water passes through or from before reaching us?

The answer to both would mostly be NO. You can never be sure. Even if you’ve boiled the water at a set temperature. So how do you ensure that the water your family drinks is pure and safe? It’s simple really. Just ensure you have a proper water purifier installed at home. After all, bottled water is not a workable solution!

When you are think of water purifiers in India, the name that undoubtedly comes to your mind first is Eureka Forbes. Experts opine that Eureka Forbes’ products are some of the best water purifiers available in the country. With RO, UV / UF protection and Auto Mineral Modulators, these purifiers make regular Municipal water, which is drawn mostly from lakes, rivers, etc., safe to drink. What’s more? They can effectively purify water from other sources like bore-wells and tankers as well.

With the best combination of technology and expertise, Eureka Forbes ensures absolutely safety and peace of mind for you and your family. For more information do visit Dr. Aquaguard or call us on 09337003240